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Abcd 2 Hindi Full Movie Dailymotion




onfogroda noc jerikonypokaz. gogogobuniy pokazu. sadasdasd i am james frith, im the screenwriter of the ABCD 2 film. the film is a thriller starring samuel wright. the film is released in france first february 2016 the film was produced and directed by Tilo Speck and shot entirely in the movie theatre in chatelet-sur-livran in france. the cameraman was jean-pierre platon. the film is the sequel to the 2013 movie ABCD: What is the answer? (in french : ABCD : Quel est la réponse?) with jean luc néponimbo as baratinsky and matt holliday as matt murdock. in this movie baratinsky has to find out what happend with the little girl while he is in prison. a lot of people asked me why i wrote ABCD 2: sequel. the reason is simple: i was not satisfied with my first movie ABCD: What is the answer? and i made 2 very succesful and very different movies with jean-pierre platon. we had a great time making ABCD 2: sequel, after our first movie i knew the director will play an important part in the next movie. the producer of ABCD 2 was warner brothers company. it took 6 months to make the movie. there was a lot of problems with that movie: shooting in the theater, bad english, bad dubbing and also the bad and long post-production. the story was written by james frith and it was taken from the original story of mr. gordien the torontoist with an extra added story: the two friends are both in prison, murdock in canada, baratinsky in france. murdock escaped before and he wants to pay him a visit. the movie is about a woman called nadia, played by tamara tamazowa. she is in jail because she is a spy for a communist organization. while she is in jail, she is planning a terrorist attack on the united states. what makes this movie so different from the previous one is the fact that the prison baratinsky is in is a mental asylum where inmates are imprisoned for the rest of their life. the best thing that happens to baratinsky is that he meets a





Abcd 2 Hindi Full Movie Dailymotion

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